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As skin changes over time, collagen, elastic fibres and hyaluronic acid disintegrate and start to lose their properties. Skin becomes dehydrated, rough, dull and loses its elasticity and firmness.

NEAUVIA HYDRO DELUXE Treatment offers a revolutionary Mesotherapy: The dual action formulation of moisturizing the skin and at the same time enhance collagen generation. To restore your skin’s elasticity and firmness NEAUVIA HYDRO DELUXE combines both deep hydration and bio stimulation. Optimal results will be achieved with a series of 4 treatments with 3-week intervals between them. After the completion of the treatment, in order to maintain the achieved results, we offer follow-up treatments for up to 6 months.


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The unique double-effect collagen formula, hyaluronic acid (up to 18 mg) mixed with micro-calcium particles, can instantly penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen and moisturize at the same time. Furthermore, it holds water molecules effectively which boosts the skin’s moisture and elasticity.

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While other brands of hyaluronic acid use Streptococcus, a pathogenic bacterium that is known to cause diseases, the source NEAUVIA'S hyaluronic acid is extracted from the probiotic bacteria Bacillus subtilis that is non-pathogenic. Thanks to the patented water-based extraction technology, the hyaluronic acid is free from endotoxin and chemical solvent residues. All of this makes NEAUVIATM the "most pure" hyaluronic acid.

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Patented collagen stimulating CaHA microspheres are evenly distributed in NEAUVIA 's unique IPN structure. This boosts the deep skin’s moisture and elasticity. As a secondary effect it enhances collagen generation which leads firmness and a beautiful shine of the skin.



  • Boosts Skin’s moisture : Effectively holds water molecules
  • Restores Firmness : Skin Regeneration
  • Generates Collagen: Stimulates natural collagen growth
  • Smoothing and Brightening: Allows natural and beautiful shine



1. Pure Hyaluronic acid effectively holds up water molecules.

2. Stimulates collagen generation.

3. Amino acid to stimulate collagen generation.

4. Amino acid to stimulate collagen generation



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Developed by Matex Lab in Switzerland and made in Italy.

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CE and KFDA Approved

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Registered Product of the Hong Kong Department of Health


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Used in 73 countries Worldwide

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Pure hyaluronic acid lowers allergic reactions and symptoms

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No toxic chemical residues or endotoxins

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