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This new Electroporation System uses high pulse frequency to continuously penetrate and open the cell membrane so that the products active ingredients can directly affect the skin, fat or muscle cells. This method enhances the absorption by about 20 times. At the same time, it can effectively freeze and dissolve lipids, soften fats, clear the lymphatics and promote the metabolism. Electroporation technology is more permeable to the cell membrane, and its absorption capacity is as high as 80%.


Features of Multi-Cools

Absorption capacity up to 80%, penetration depth up to 6cm
Quickly reduces redness and pain, improve sensitivity,
Repairs cells and reduce fine lines



The process of electroporation is fairly simplistic. Host cells and selected molecules are suspended in a conductive solution, and an electrical circuit is closed around the mixture. An electrical pulse at an optimized voltage and only lasting a few microseconds to a millisecond is discharged through the cell suspension. This disturbs the phospholipid bilayer of the membrane and results in the formation of temporary pores. The electric potential across the cell membrane simultaneously rises to allow charged molecules like DNA to be driven across the membrane through the pores in a manner similar to electrophoresis 


Cooling System

Cooling System is a treatment that uses a low-temperature refrigerant to produce a low-temperature effect on skin lesions, causing them to necrotize and eliminate the lesion. Low temperature causes cells and tissues between cells to form ice crystals. The longer the formation of ice crystals, the more metabolic disorders can be caused. The destruction of the cell membrane causes the blood vessels that supply the cells to form thrombi, which together cause cell death. The critical temperature at which tissue cells are destroyed by cold is generally around 20°C, but there are significant differences in different tissues.


Heat System

The heat therapy is a method of creating a “fever” environment in the human body by raising the body temperature to 40°C-42°C, which can activate the immune system that is in a paralyzed state and enhance immunity. It uses artificial or natural physical factors to act on the human body, causing it to produce favorable reactions, achieving the purpose of preventing and treating diseases.


Absorption comparison

Types Mechanism Absorption rates
General skin care products General moisturizing function on the skin’s stratum corneum Absorption 1-5%
Iontophoresis Only with a penetration function
Through the pores and sweat holes into the skin
Absorption 15-20%
MultiCools Electroporation penetration of the membrane Absorption 70-80%