Korean 4D Nanosecond Treatment

Korean 4D Nanosecond Treatment


Trial Price $2880


Korean 4D nanosecond treatment can penetrate 40-60°C high thermal energy into the deep skin in a very short time, directly to the dermis and collagen fiber tissue; when the dermis reaches a certain temperature, it will stimulate a large amount of collagen proliferation, thereby achieving an immediate tightening of the dermis and collagen fiber tissue, reshaping the facial skin’s tight V-shaped effect. At the same time, it accelerates blood circulation in the face, expels toxins from the bottom of the skin, and makes the skin bright and translucent.


Advantages of Korean 4D nanosecond treatment:

  • High power shortens treatment time
  • No cooling technology can improve treatment effect Make deep tissue evenly obtain energy
  • With 3 handles of different sizes, it can target different positions


Treatment efficacy:

✓ Improve skin delicacy

✓ Stimulate collagen protein proliferation

✓ Improve large pores, excessive oil secretion

✓ Tighten facial contours