6 in 1 Multi-RF Facial Treatment

Self Photos / Files - 445 The 6 in 1 Multi-RF penetrates the skin while using it’s impedance to generate energy. Furthermore the multiple RF waves also stimulate the cell's molecules to generate a strong resonance rotation (in the order of millions of times per second) which generates heat and therefore instantly increases the temperature of the dermis to 45 to 60 degrees. This will cause an immediate contraction. The far-infrared laser (904nm) penetrates up to 30-40mm into the cortex, stimulates the deeper cells which helps the collagen to regenerate rapidly. This will tighten and firm the skin tissue.



LED Blue-ray::

Rejuvenates, activates cells, detoxifies, reduces inflammation, improves acne and firms the skin

Six-pole RF::

Stimulates collagen tissue, reduces texture, tightens pores, firms and lifts contours

Negative pressure suction:

Accelerates lymphatic and blood circulation, improves facial edema and dullness