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100% Vitamin B5

100% Vitamin B5 - Vitamin B5 Essence


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Moisturizing, Promotes Fibroblast Proliferation, Helps Skin Tissue Repair, Smooths Wrinkles, Prevents Skin Aging, Maintains Skin Elasticity, Delays Fine Lines, Promotes Metabolism, Improves Skin Nutrient Absorption.


Product Description:

  • Vitamin B5 is known for its excellent skin tissue repair function and can supplement the necessary nutrients for the skin to make it soft and youthful. This moisturizing gel contains hyaluronic acid that promotes water retention and is a natural moisturizer that can lock in skin moisture. Vitamin B5 can directly penetrate the stratum corneum to achieve a moisturizing effect while promoting fibroblast proliferation and helping skin tissue repair.
  • Contains vitamin B5 to help repair tissues and supplement nutrients.
  • Makes skin soft and smooth.
  • Doubles as a moisturizing cream.


Applicable Skin Types: Any skin type.


  • Capacity: 30ml
  • Formula from Switzerland