Camellia Triple Repair Care Treatment

Camellia Triple Repair Care Treatment


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Camellia has a tough and powerful defense force, and contains deep moisturizing active ingredients. It has the characteristics of both water and oil, which are compatible with the structure of the skin’s surface stratum corneum, making the water layer and lipid layer overlap.


Camellia oil contains tea polyphenols, which is a natural antioxidant that has a significant antioxidant effect. It can clear free radicals, protect the structure of cell membranes, inhibit the release of histamine from mast cells, reduce the amount of cytokines generated, thereby playing an anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory or alleviating inflammation, slowing down human aging, prolonging human life and anti-tumor effects. Polyphenols have a significant inhibitory effect on tyrosinase, which has the effect of lightening spots .

Advantage of Camellia Triple Repair Care Treatment:


Remove dead skin cells, dirt and impurities

Balance water and oil

Deeply clean



Instantly soothe and reduce redness

Enhance skin barrier

Lighten fine lines and wrinkles

Remove blackheads