Imperial Gold Leaf Treatment

Imperial Gold Leaf Treatment


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Gold has extremely precious cosmetic and therapeutic effects on human skin. Gold skincare must be made of 24K pure gold, combined with advanced nanotechnology to remove nickel elements from gold, and then added with precious repair ingredients such as red elements, trace elements, and collagen, refined into fine particles, and become high-permeability, easily absorbed gold leaf.

The technology of nanometer gold leaf is used to extract pure gold by low-temperature and high-pressure injection. Gold ions are extremely strong water-absorbing molecules, which can absorb 300 times their weight in water and can exert a highly moisturizing effect. Gold leaf has antioxidant and stable ion functions, which can replenish the skin with sufficient oxygen and nutrients, help anti-aging and remove harmful oxidants in the skin, promote skin cell renewal, prevent wrinkles, maintain skin elasticity, and stimulate lymphatic gland circulation and detoxification.

Medical research has shown that skincare products made of pure gold can penetrate the human skin dermis, release negative ions, resonate with positive ions in the body, clear free radicals in cells, balance the acidity and alkalinity of body cell tissues, and promote ion flow in the blood. This makes blood circulation more normal and healthy, thereby activating metabolism, preventing aging phenomena such as relaxation, lack of elasticity, yellowing, pigmentation, wrinkles, etc. caused by slow metabolism .

Main ingredients: Gold leaf, oat peptide, palmitoyl



Gold leaf:

  • Contains highly efficient gold microparticles that can help remove skin toxins, deep clean, remove residual dirt and dead keratin on the skin, deeply lighten spots, prevent the formation of spots, and inject rich moisture and nutrients into the skin.


Palmitoyl pentapeptide-5:

  • Has anti-inflammatory effects, reduces fine lines, inhibits enzymes that cause collagen protein degradation, makes the skin smooth, and repairs damaged skin.


Oat peptide:


Gold Tightening Mask Powder

  • The nutritional substances inside the nanometer gold particles contain various trace elements that will continuously activate cells, promote collagen and elastic fiber regeneration, and have detoxification, calming, cleansing, and wrinkle-removing functions. Gold particles can penetrate more deeply to significantly improve skin firmness, promote lymphatic detoxification, lighten pigmentation, remove yellowing, and lock in moisture.