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Radiesse are a new concept of biological soft porcelain subcutaneous filler produced by Merz, a German pharmaceutical factory. Its main structure is microspheres of CaHA with a diameter of 25-45 microns (μm), which can construct a foundation on the fibroblast layer, help collagen fibers to establish a rich scaffold, support skin tissue, achieve shaping and stimulate collagen protein growth effect.

Radiesse microcrystalline ceramics have 100% biological compatibility and biodegradability, and almost no adverse reactions or rejections occur. The clinical use of Radiance in foreign countries dates back to 1995. It has been approved by the US FDA and the EU CE for use in medical beauty, and its safety and stability have been verified.


Radiesse® are subcutaneous implants for correcting moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. Its effect is to fill facial wrinkles and depressions, improve the facial contour of the nose or chin. After injecting microcrystalline ceramics, the shaping site obtains good filling support, while initiating the collagen protein regeneration program. This can allow your facial contour to be perfectly improved, shaping the ideal curve. The visible effect is significantly improved during the first treatment period, and the effect lasts for about 1 year.





Plump face shape

Enhance contour

Improve skin texture



To maintain for one to one and a half years, it will begin to decompose into ions after half a year and gradually be absorbed by the human body.


Treatment area:

  • Nose shaping 

  • Chin shaping

  • Nasolabial folds

  • cheeks

  • Hand

  • Temples


Before & After:

How many CC of Radiesse are typically administered in one session?

The amount of filler administered for Radiesse collagen skin rejuvenation depends on the specific area being treated, the degree of concavity, and individual needs. Generally, for a single treatment, approximately 1 to 2 cc of Radiesse is typically injected into each targeted area. However, this dosage should be determined through a thorough evaluation and discussion with a physician during a consultation.” in English. It’s essential to consult with a professional to tailor the treatment to your specific requirements and achieve optimal results.

Is there a recovery period after receiving Radiesse?

Depending on each individual’s treatment area and physical condition, there may be slight swelling after receiving Radiesse collagen skin rejuvenation with microcrystals. However, this is a normal part of the healing process, and the swelling typically subsides within 7 to 14 days. There is no need to overly worry, and warm compresses are not necessary during the first two weeks. Applying cold compresses can help reduce swelling.

Is getting Radiesse painful?

Before receiving Radiesse , it is common to apply either numbing cream or cold compress. As a result, the needle pricking sensation or mild discomfort during the injection process is typically within an acceptable range. Additionally, there is a new formulation called Radiesse Plus®, which contains lidocaine. If you have an extreme fear of pain or heightened psychological anxiety, other pain-reducing measures can be combined with this injection to lower the overall pain threshold and enhance your treatment comfort.