IPL 強化脈衝光

Intense Pulsed Light describes the use of intense pulses of non-coherent light distributed over a range of wavelengths. In order to get the best possible effect, we only use the most advanced and established Technology on the market: The US made and FDA approved Lumenis IPL Quantum SR IPC. Its unique Criller technology (Chiller), which has been specially designed for Oriental skin, transmits broad spectrum pulsed light through a continuously cooled applicator. Thanks to the nine Expert Filters, it can treat a myriad of skin problems at the same time.


IPL can treat the following skin problems

1. Blood stasis, microvascular vasodilation and vascular skin heterochromia

2. Pigment spot disease: Facial freckles, pigmentation and uneven skin tone

3. Aging skin: sun damage, fine lines, pore expansion, etc.


Smoothing of wrinkles

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What can Intense Pulsed Light do?
  • Treats dark spots, age spots, freckles, partial blemishes, sun spots, contracted subcutaneous blood vessels, erythema, red roots and dark circles
  • Increases skin collagen, fibers and elastin
  • Improves pores, black hair and hair follicle pigment
  • Expands converging blood vessels without damaging the skin
  • Destroys and decomposes pigment granules and pigment cells with the effect of capillary telangiectasia and dilute stain.
How many treatments are recommended?

Six treatments every three to four weeks.

Are there any post-treatment precautions?

The treated area needs to be cared for with moisturizer and protected with sun block. Makeup can be used immediately after the treatment, but products containing acid and whitening have to be avoided.