PDO Thread for full face Review

What is PDO Thread Lifting:

PDO Thread Lifting invention from Korea, using PDO (polydioxanone) Fine Thread embedded into skin, PDO has obtained permission Korean food hygiene certification (KFDA).

Some people in Taiwan and mainland China will call it frozen age lines, 3D-V Venus line, 4D full face lift up surgery, 4D embedding technique lift up, lift up instant firming surgery, slim face beauty line, protein line and so on …


Up to 8 months to stimulate the skin’s dermal layer of collagen and formation of collagen in the skin, so the skin can full of elasticity and moisture for up to a year.


PDO Thread Lifting use a very sophisticated absorbable surgical sutures buried in the dermis, the process of absorption lines in the body to produce large amounts of collagen to achieve the effect of rejuvenation. Doctors will evaluate the patient’s face relaxed circumstances, control the line to be buried into of the body, the skin will increase collagen, activate metabolism, so that the cycle becomes faster, so patients will find that the skin becomes more translucent. This surgery is for sagging or aging aging face serious relaxation at beginning stage, which can effectively improve facial lines to achieve rejuvenation effect.


PDO Thread Lifting Feature:

  • use PDO thread which can be absorb down by the body, safe and not exposed.
  • not need surgery, is very effective, very short recovery, recover quickly.
  • decomposition of absorption of 180 to 240 days.
  • obvious effect after surgery, lasting, natural, leaving no trace, and can be maintained for 1 - 2 years.
  • stimulate its own collagen, improve skin quality, pay tight skin, make skin young and flexible, especially for sagging and flabby.