Barbed Thread

Barbed Thread


Korean Barbed Thread is a type of thread, and its thread body has a whole row of barbs shaped like rose thorns, so it is called Barbed Thread. After the thread is embedded in the skin, the rose barb thread can go deep into the subcutaneous tissue to pull up the sagging and loose tissue, making the skin firmer. Compared with the traditional PDO protein thread, the Korean PDO rose thread has better pulling force and a better needle mouth. Less bruising and swollen are also reduced.

Korean Barbed Thread can see immediate results, and its absorption time is about 180 to 240 days. After the thread is absorbed, it can promote collagen proliferation, and the effect can last for about 2 years.


Advantages of Korean Barbed Thread:


Korean Barbed Thread effects:

  • Lift the entire face contours
  • Tighten loose skin
  • Reduce the appearance of sunken wrinkles
  • Reshape V-surface lines
  • Focus on reducing double chin
  • Improve skin texture