5D Hiko Nose treatment

5D Hiko Nose treatment


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5D Hiko Nose treatment is a type of PDO thread. The principle is to use the thread body to fill the sunken position, thereby improving the bridge and tip of the nose. Filler lines solve the problem of fillers (such as hyaluronic acid) spreading and causing the bridge of the nose to become wider. 5D Hiko Nose treatment will not spread out and can increase collagen at the same time, making the filling effect longer and more natural.

Who is suitable for 5D Hiko Nose treatment?

  • Customers who are afraid to try prosthetic rhinoplasty

The ingredient of 5D Hiko Nose treatment is protein thread, which is embedded into the nose using an undercut-shaped thread body. The angle is then adjusted to achieve the ideal nose shape. The body can naturally decompose and absorb protein threads, and these substances will never remain in the body. 5D Hiko Nose treatment is indeed very safe and effective.


  • Customers who are dissatisfied with their nose shape

Most people face problems such as low nose, flat nose bridge, too big nose tip, and too wide nose wing. Improving the shape of the nose can help you increase your confidence. You can start with 5D Hiko Nose treatment.


  • Customers who are anxious guests

5D Hiko Nose treatment only takes 15 minutes to complete the treatment, with immediate results. The recovery period is about 3 to 7 days, and the results can last for 2 years.


How Long Does 5D Hiko Korean Thread Lift for Nose Last?

The duration of effectiveness for 5D Hiko Korean thread lift for the nose varies slightly depending on individual metabolic rates, lifestyle, and whether any additional fillers were used. Typically, it can last anywhere from one to two years.

Recovery Period for Thread Lift Nose Enhancement

After undergoing a thread lift for the nose, there will be small injection holes primarily at the nasal tip. Typically, swelling may occur within the first week, but it usually subsides in approximately 3 to 7 days. During this time, you can apply ice packs and even wear makeup. However, individual recovery experiences can vary due to differences in each person’s constitution.

What is the minimum treatment time for 5D Hiko Nose treatment?

The treatment usually takes only 15 minutes, and if it’s faster, it can take about 10 minutes. Thread augmentation rhinoplasty is quick to operate and less painful. It is one of the most popular treatments in the medical aesthetics industry. 

How shaping is 5D Hiko Nose treatment?

5D Hiko Nose Treatment can fine-tune every detail of the nose, such as the tip of the nose, the bridge of the nose, and the wings of the nose. It is easier to create an ideal nose shape by making more subtle modifications, so Hong Kong people are very accepting of nose threading.