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By using the patented Hydrogen Water-Jet System hydrogen water power impact technology, hydrogen peroxide is rapidly injected into the skin, automatically tracking free radicals and eliminating skin cell oxidants to achieve purification and repair. Coupled with mid-frequency roller massage to deeply stimulate collagen proliferation, lift facial sagging muscles, and achieve firmness and anti-aging.


Hydrogen water characteristics:

  • Bidirectional injection, hydraulic impact technology
  • High-pressure impact to remove dirt and dead skin • Hydrogen water injection into the skin can resist free radicals
  • Purify and whiten the skin
  • Cleanse pore dirt • Acne treatment


Mid-frequency characteristics:

  • Mid-frequency roller massage deep into the skin
  • Stimulate collagen proliferation
  • Lift sagging muscles
  • Enhance firmness


Non-invasive wall-breaking characteristics:

  • Permeate nutrients into cells for absorption
  • Product absorption rate is as high as 80%
  • Stimulate collagen proliferation
  • Tighten pores
  • Whiten skin
  • Improve wrinkles