IDEBECYS Spot Remover Needle

IDEBECYS Spot Remover Needle


Trial Price $2800


IDEBECYS Idebenone is derived from the synthesis and transformation of coenzyme Q10, but its molecule is 60% smaller than that of CoQ10, which makes it penetrate the skin better. It is one of the most effective antioxidants medically proven.


It effectively improves stubborn spots and skin firmness. Experiments have shown that its antioxidant effect is better than that of CoQ10, vitamin C, and E, and the probability of allergies is very low, and it is safe.


Idebenone can simultaneously combat free radical damage, oxidative stress, and reverse aging signs. It is more effective in combating harmful substances in the environment, while effectively improving skin elasticity, transparency, roughness, and dryness, and repairing obvious signs of aging such as puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles.



✓ Repair and regenerate, tender, whiten and lighten spots

✓ Whitening, rejuvenating, and enhancing skin elasticity

✓ Lifting and tightening, moisturizing and wrinkle-removing

✓ Shrinking pores, locking water and resisting oxidation

✓ Improving acne, tightening contours