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ELLANSÉ is a 3-in-1 dermal filler that instantly fills the shape, smoothes wrinkles and pulls the effect, and then activates collagen to complete the long-lasting full smoothing effect. The use of bio-compatible filling materials, clinically proven, can be completely decomposed by the body's metabolism, not easy to cause an allergy and safe. Four different types of ELLANSÉ, which can last for 1-4 years*.

It is suitable for those who look tired due to wrinkles, dents, or loss of collagen (suitable for whole face treatment except for the eyebrows, eyelids and lips).


Components and principles:
- Polycaprolactone (PCL) microspheres which is suspended in an aqueous Carboxymethyl cellulose gel-carrier which safely combines with the tissue under the skin
- Stimulates natural restoration of collagen
- Polycaprolactone (PCL) microsphere is metabolised naturally over time
- Restored collagen to maintain skin elasticity and suppleness 

Introduction to ELLANSÉ:
- Cutting edge collagen activation material
- Instant filling effect
- Safe to use: fine particles can be absorbed by the body
- No formulation nor massage after treatment required. No nodules formed under skin
- Manufactured by European pharmaceutical plants with STAT patented technology

What parts is this product suitable for?

Glabella, eyelid, lips and also whole face treatment, especially for those who would like to improve their facial feature.

Is 1cc enough for a whole face treatment?

The amount required for lifting and filling needs to be estimated by professional case by case. In cases which 1cc is not enough for full face, we suggest to prioritize and allocate to the parts that patient would like to improve most to achieve best results.

What should I do if the expected result is not achieved?

Best result is usually seen 3 months after treatment with the activation of collagen growth by fine particles. We highly recommend to wait for around 3 months before deciding whether you should receive further treatments.

What is the difference with general hyaluronic acid products?"

ELLANSÉ is a 3-in-1 dermal filler, combining the benefits of hyaluronic acid, PLLA and Radiesse: 1. Volume Increase:Instant filling effect(like hyaluronic acid) 2. Collagen Growth:Stimulates collagen growth in one's body(like PLLA) 3. Shaping:Lifting(like Radiesse)