We had many years of experience as a beauty consultant physician groups, moreover senior consultant manager share skin care tips, and how to choose the appropriate technique to use. Aiming to Hong Kong’s first interactive beauty salon; make guests more aware of their skin and health, and obtain a perfect after-sales service; better medical products introduced from France and Spain – (Ace Laser Repair, Hydrater Plus and anti-glycation concentrate) truly anti-aging.

Various medical beauty services

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Face Treatment


Japan placenta treatment

Precious Placenta, with the latest medical beauty equipment to achieve reproducible elastic smooth skin, and activate natural healing forces.


Anti-glycation hyperoxia repair treatment

Solve the phenomenon of free radicals and the damage caused saccharification, repair dark yellow skin and regain clear skin rejuvenation.


Collagen regeneration treatment

New Collagen 3000 molecules, high permeability, improve collagen loss caused by aging, reproduce delicate skin.


Acne skin rejuvenation Treatment

Use effective cream, especially for acne skin, effective anti-inflammatory.


Triple lock water treatment

Solve all skin troubles, New Products – regain whitening skin, strengthen the underlying moisture, enhance skin elasticity.


Needless open pore treatment

The through electroporation essence injected cells, penetrating up to 70-80% penetration rate up to 20 times, is the latest cell injection technique.

Effect: Pores, soothe sensitive, stimulate metabolism, increase skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, accelerate blood circulation

Body Treatment


Lymphatic body massage

Focus on lymphatic and lymph node, improve lymphatic system circulation, strengthen the immune system. In addition, with electric blankets wrapped the body and accelerate the drainage function of the body instantly feels light, and effective detoxification!


High magnetic RF

When RF though the body tissue will affect the electrons makes “polarized electrons move” biological response which caused by collision between the electrons, rotation and distortion, a “bio-heat”, to make deep skin temperature increase, shrinkage of collagen fibers to stimulate and to increase new collagen continue to achieve long-lasting wrinkle, tightening and rejuvenation.