5D Hiko Nose Threadlift

5D Hiko Nose Threadlift has been developed in South Korea. It is a new non-invasive procedure that improves nose contours. To do so we inject a protein thread (PDO: Polydioxanone) under the noses skin and then pull it softly to achieve the desired shape. That way we can correct defect sites and achieve an ideal angle shape by using an embedding technique that achieves and supports a long-lasting three-dimensional shaping and firming. The protein thread will stay in the skin and decompose by itself. It is very safe since PDO thread has been used for ages in surgery and causes a very small degree of damage and has a short recovery period. Its effects last about one to two years and the entire nose will be shaped as desired.

Advantages :

  • Short treatment course
  • There are no obvious wounds and therefore does not affect your daily life.
  • Semi-permanent support effect, because the hyperplasia of collagen will stay present. Even if the PDO thread is completely absorbed by the body, the nose will not collapse back its original shape.
  • The overall lifting of the nose can be adjusted for the nose and other areas to achieve an overall fine-tuned effect.
  • It can be combined with other medical treatments such as hyaluronic acid treatment which furthermore improves the integrity and continuity of the nose.

5D Hiko